Poker Magic TM

 The easy way to manage your players and tables.



Click for larger image of Poker Brush List

Poker MagicTM is a sophisticated poker player management system for any size card room.  This software allows simple management of your player wait list (aka " Brush List"). Load this program on any Windows based computer, connect it to one or more large screen televisions and your players are instantly kept up to date on their position on the brush list. 


Poker MagicTM is a truly impressive piece of software your poker room should not be without.  Poker MagicTM features include brush list management, statistical analysis of players, games, and table usage, a full featured tournament clock, all at a remarkably low price. 


Player entry is fast and efficient. You simply enter the players name and put a check by the games they want to play. They will then be added to all the games selected with one click of a button. It痴 just that easy.

Once a player is seated in a game the system will remove the player from other lists, or if they want to remain on the lists it will automatically put the table where they are seated beside their name.

Poker MagicTM provides two fantastic ways to communicate important information to your players. The first is the rotating tag lines at the bottom of the screen. These tag lines can contain your bad beat jackpots, tournament information, or any other information you want to communicate to your players. You can have as many tags lines as you like and you get to decide how many seconds each line is displayed. The second method is a large ad space directly below the wait list. This display ad rotates the images you created with Microsoft Paint or your favorite image editing program that generates BMP, GIF, or JPG image files. You can create multiple advertisements and define how long each ad is displayed on the brush list screen.  Poker MagicTM will continuously rotate the advertisements and tag lines 24 hours a day.

Poker MagicTM gathers statistics on the number of players seated, number of table and game changes for players, and the number of players not seated (including how long they waited), and compiles this information into meaningful reports that help you gauge your customers habits, how long they waited for their table, and other important information you can use to improve customer satisfaction. We all know that satisfied customers equal increased profits.

Add-ons to Poker MagicTM include a module where players can add themselves to the list. Also available are table computers that allow dealers to know the names of incoming players, and the ability for dealers to notify the person running the brush list when there is an open seat without having to yell. This module also includes play time tracking using the customers Frequent Player Number.

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